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Transporting resources from all over the world with one of world’s largest fleets

Dry cargoes cover a diverse range of items, from resources such as biomass fuels, wood chips, and coals to intermediate goods and products such as fertilizers, grain, cement, salt, and steel products.
Dry bulk transportation in the world, not to mention transportation to Japan that is dependent on imports for most of the above items, is growing increasingly brisk due to the development of the global economy and progress in international specialization.

Bulk carrier services from MOL Drybulk, which has one of world’s largest fleets, cater to diverse customer needs with safe transportation by versatile bulk carriers and multipurpose vessels that can transport diverse types of cargoes, as well as by various specialized bulkers that were designed and built in consideration of the characteristics of specific cargoes and conditions of points of loading and unloading.

With ships and vessels of various sizes, ranging from small- to large-sized bulk carriers, we provide high-quality transportation services by responding flexibly to various trades around the world.

While regulations on exhaust gas from ships and vessels are tightened globally, we at MOL Drybulk are working proactively on the research and development of ships using a next-generation fuel, or LNG that features lower environmental impact than heavy oil as the conventional fuel.

Business Divisions

Multi-Purpose Vessel Division

We operate multipurpose vessels equipped with 60- to 150-ton suspension cranes. We operate a fleet that enables us to cater to diverse customer needs meticulously. Our services range from the transportation of bulk cargoes between Far East and Southeast Asia, including biomass fuels, gypsum, crude sugar, rice, and fodder. We also operate transportation services between Southeast Asian countries which are achieving remarkable growth.

  • Import Sales Team

Project Cargo Division

We are involved mainly in the transport of critical infrastructure such as energy and transport infrastructure and bridges. Committed to providing a meticulously planned service, we propose safe and reliable tailored transport solutions to meet the specific needs of project cargos. We also offer a service to meet the needs of the growing economies in the ASEAN region, operating a multi-purpose vessel as a dedicated vessel for intra-ASEAN trade.

  • Plant Team
  • Wind Project Team

Steel Cargo Division

We transport diverse steel products in nearby waters in Asia and on routes across the ocean, with a large fleet of vessels that are appropriate for steel product transportation. We allocate vessels flexibly and stably by taking advantage of one of the largest fleets among Japanese shipping companies. To prevent cargo damage, we have established various support systems by applying our knowledge in steel product shipping, which we have cultivated through many years of operation. We have introduced a device for preventing condensation under deck, which is now widely used in the industry. We have also acquired a patent for a new method of retaining wire rods for preventing cargo shifting. We will continue to pursue new innovative initiatives.

  • Steel Product Team
  • Steel Product Team(Asia)

Wood Chip Carrier Division

Paper is essential in everyday life. We are involved in the transportation of wood chips and coal that are used for making paper as a raw material and a fuel, respectively. In addition, we have world’s largest fleet of wood chip carriers, or special vessels featuring large cargo hold capacity and onboard cargo-handling systems. We transport wood chips for biomass power generation using those carriers.

  • Wood Chip Carrier Team (A)
  • Wood Chip Carrier Team (B)
  • Wood Chip Carrier Team (C)

Drybulk Division

We operate services not only between ports in Japan but all over the world with a wide variety and large number of general bulk carriers, whose size ranges from 10,000 DWT to 100,000 DWT. Taking advantage of their high versatility, we provide diverse one-stop solutions on bulk shipments, including shipments of biomass fuels, various raw materials and fuels, grain, and mineral resources.

  • Infrastructure Materials Team
  • Renewables & Energy Materials Team
  • Grains & Chemical Raw Materials Team

Marine Supervising Division

In order to provide safe and secure marine transportation services to our customers, we utilize information related to maritime techniques obtained from Mitsui O.S.K. Lines Group vessels and Mitsui O.S.K. Lines Group departments, periodically inspect vessels and provide technical guidance to crew members, vessel owners and to Ship management company and strive to maintain a high-quality operating fleet. We are also working to further improve the quality of service for all operating vessels by sharing information on safe operation accurately and promptly with relevant departments obtained from inspection vessels, operating vessels and bases.

  • Marine Supervising Team

Marine Maintenance Office

In order to provide safe and secure sea transportation for all customers, we make every effort together with ship management company to improve the safety and quality of our operating fleet by regularly docking work and maintenance in accordance with the vessel condition. As Mitsui O.S.K. Line Group, we are also working to reduce its environmental impact by installing energy-saving equipment and testing alternative fuel vessels.

  • Marine Maintenance Team

Marine Cargo Division

We dispatch our marine superintendents in Kobe, South Korea, Thailand, and India as resident officers, with the Tokyo Head Office at the core. They provide a wide range of technical support for safe daily operation, including cargo handling supervision and provision of instructions on vessels. To cater to various needs, we allocate specialized marine technology supervisors to the respective cargoes based on our wealth of knowledge and experience. They help ensure the highest level of safety and efficiency of our transportation services.

  • Wood Chip Cargo Team
  • Bulk Cargo Team
  • Project Cargo Team
  • General Cargo Team